Cinque is a wonderful blend made from five different varieties – Graciano, Tempranillo, Tinta Cão, Touriga Nacional and Sousão. There’s a lot going on with the Cinque as each of these varieties – which make excellent single varietal wines – come together beautifully. It’s hard to describe in a few words but it's like that magical thing that happens when a group of old friends get together and bring out the best in each other – except in a bottle.

Sousão is a low yielding, moderately vigorous vine from Portugal that produces small, tight bunches of dark fruit. The juice is very deep purple, almost inky, in colour and high in acid. We used the 2007 Sousão in an interesting blend with Tempranillo and Bastardo. That blend evolved to become our Cinque which now is made from five varieties - Sousão, Tinta Cão, Graciano, Tempranillo and Touriga Nacional. All our Sousão is used in the Cinque blend.